Since 1981


We have been helping leaders become increasingly effective since November 1981, when we hosted our first open enrollment seminar program, a four and a half day residential program.

Now, after one hundred plus in person programs, and six virtual on-zoom programs, we can sincerely say, “we’ve learned a lot!”, about leadership in the real world, about the evolution of leadership over four decades, teaching leadership in personally insightful ways, and about helping people apply their leadership learning’s back on the job where it counts.

Moreover, we’ve gone to the job, with many of our leadership-learners, helping to build their teams, align their organizations, and update their company cultures. How exhilarating, mind and skill stretching, exciting, rewarding, and fun! Learning with our clients, learning from our clients, facilitating the learning of our clients, and in some instances, passing down the learning’s to literally, their next generation of leaders.

Come help us to share what we’ve learned and to continue the journey. It’s great fun!

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