Leadership Styles – An In-person, Deep Learn-by-Doing, Personally Insightful Seminar

by Frank Lee on August 2, 2022 in

The Frank Lee Associates’ signature leadership development program, since 1981. See how others see you, find how to adapt your leadership style to ever changing requirements and circumstances, and confidently step up to the next level. Help your team, yourself, and key stakeholders succeed and thrive in today’s fast changing environment.

This intensive learn-by-doing program can be “life changing”. Set a vision as to the leader you want and need to be, take an objective look at where you are today, Learn and put in place actionable strategies to get to where you want to be. Increase your agility, add new tools, techniques, and mindsets for today and tomorrow, while discarding old habits of mind and practice that no longer effectively serve you or your stakeholders.

Topics include: leadership style and effectiveness, leading teams, emotional intelligence / being present and radically candid, seeing how others see you, changing your brand, renegotiating your leadership covenant, and constantly improving, learning and adapting to next level requirements.

The program consists of three all day in-person sessions with two-three hours of preparation for each session. Benefit from peer and Frank Lee staff facilitator coaching throughout as well as after the program.



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