Coaching 1:1

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Often called a customized individual seminar, we bring all our experiences and resources to bear on helping you achieve your potential. Whether we are problem solving, brainstorming, trouble shooting, skill building, technique training, sounding board(ing), or confidentially advising, we are at all times, your trusted advisor.

Our domain expertise include intra-and interpersonal relations, performance management, executive communications and presence, strategic planning, executive team building, organization alignment and transformation, cross company and cross organization synergy, and company culture building.

Coaching engagements run from six to eighteen months, depending upon the scope and deliverables of the engagement, the size of organization and levels of management involved, and the learning ability, learning style, adaptability of the key parties involved.

The minimum budget required is fifty thousand U.S.

Our process typically include:

  • Assessments (leadership or organizational) to establish baselines 
  • Complementary team, stakeholder, organizational, or business assessments
  • Key stakeholder interviews and periodic feedback
  • Individual tools, techniques, competency training, role practices, readings, and research
  • Post assessments to measure progress
  • We also provide optional key stakeholder meeting facilitation when advantageous to do so

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