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  • We needed a product strategy for entering a new market. However, this strategy required the involvement and collaboration of two highly independent groups within the company. During a two-day planning session, Frank kept us focused on achieving critical outcomes and disarmed the emotional and political obstacles preventing our success. As a result, we achieved our objective by hitting the market quickly with a single, well-thought-out, and appropriate product strategy.

  • Frank was invaluable as coach, business educator, and facilitator in planning and conducting the strategic planning sessions at both Xomed Surgical Products and Wright Medical Technologies. Prior, both companies had been managed to near bankruptcy. The new management teams were tasked with difficult business restructurings which were needed to turn the businesses around so that they could be taken public with successful IPOs. Frank’s management insight and coaching during those sessions encouraged team work and provided the business philosophy and strategy necessary to help set the businesses on a success path. As result, at the three year point post IPO in both companies, initial investors had gained a ten times return on their investments. A significant portion of the successes is a credit to Frank Lee, and we would not have been as successful without his guidance.

  • Thank you again for the unique program. The program raised the understanding of the 360 feedback and therefore the value of the feedback. The (Enneagram personality) 3's would have dismissed half the feedback without the program. The program introduced important management and leadership principles and then helped the participants internalize them with the subjective 360 feedback. I crystallized new ways to understand myself.

  • I rate your seminar an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 (if that is possible). I've been through several leadership/management courses through my career @ Universal Studios, Disney, GE, NBC etc. and none were remotely as effective. The immersive long days are amazing for eliminating distractions, making sure the material is absorbed, the attendees are engaged and not distracted. I fully expected the team activities to be 'cheesy' but when participating and later reflecting, I was just in awe about how much you learn about yourself in these exercises. Again, top notch! The facilitators ability to recognize, classify, coach, etc. is beyond impressive, its priceless!